The Saturn Youth Group Manifesto



Away! Away we go! The time is coming, the time is now!

Pack your suitcase, lock it, save the key.

Give the key to the poor woman, give the suitcase to her mother.


Go further and further, higher and higher. Spin.

Spin like the beautiful rings of Saturn, 


Go and build! Build the vehicle, build the mothership, build the bridge!

The bridge to our beautiful Saturn! The spacecraft that will bring us to our dear Saturn!


Any day now, any day! Be always alert, be ready to go, keep the engines running!


Leave everything behind. For there will be no oppression on Saturn, there will be no inequality on Saturn. We will all be one.


We will all be guests for there will be no home. We will be no masters, for there will no longer be castles. We shall cherish our host, we shall listen to their demands, we shall take no more than necessary.


We shall forget gender, we shall reinvent names. We will become dear Saturn’s children, if Saturn takes us.




And there will be no man above another … and we will listen as well as look <…> 

we shall learn the languages of those who were not listened to before

<…> and remember by heart the gestures of a squirrel’s tail for they tell stories no less important that of the wisest men on Earth

Let’s go, let’s go


Just like the final words of the manifesto seem to be missing, the prophetic organisation itself has vanished into the abyss with just a few documents left for researchers.

After a year of looking for the remains of The Saturn Youth Group, artists-researchers will soon be able to present their findings to the public! If you are interested in the group and would like to learn all about their ideas – visit the exhibition “The Saturn Youth Group Archive”, which will open on the 29th of July, at 7 pm. at “Atletika” gallery (Vitebsko 21, Vilnius).


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Image from The Saturn Youth Group Archive