EX(s): A performative examination of the narratives of romantic love by Camilla Graff Junior

‘Sodų 4’ is pleased to present a performance and a workshop, inviting everyone interested to join for the performative examination of the narratives of romantic love, taking place over two days in Vilnius, led by artist Camilla Graff Junior.


Das Vegas: S T R A T I C space

Audio/video performance and exhibition
2016.08.04 6 p.m.
Architectural gallery “Nulinis laipsnis” (_0*)


Open Studios 3: Marija Baranauskaitė and Christophe Beaucourt

Studio open everyday between 7-9 p. m.

Open Studios results and performance on 4th August, 2015 7 p. m.

For two weeks Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Union’s project space’s Malonioji 6 physical and mental space will be occupied by performance art and cinema, reality and fiction. Will Marija Baranauskaitė, who searches for optimism, love and inner values in her performative work manage to get along with Christophe Beaucourt who is in the process of making film noir style movie?