Seminar “How to stand up for yourself and your work” by psychologist Gintarė Buinickienė


Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association  (LIAA) invites to a workshop and seminar with psychologist Gintarė Buinickienė.

In the cultural field, visual artists often face pressure and manipulative situations when they have to negotiate fair and respectful remuneration for displaying their works in exhibitions and other projects. The Lithuanian Council for Culture’s study “Fair remuneration for creativity” showed that visual artists’ remuneration for the creation and display of their work is one of the lowest compared to other fields. It is therefore crucial to promote awareness among Lithuanian visual artists on how to represent themselves when negotiating fair pay. To achieve this goal, LIAA cooperates with psychologist Gintarė Buinickienė and invites to a seminar and workshop – How to stand up for yourself and your work.

The event is free and will be in lithuanian.

Limited number of participants, so registration is required. Registration form here:

The Event will take place November 28 at 5 p.m. Duration – 3 academic hours.
Location – Cultural Center SODAS 2123.

Organisers: Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association  (LIAA).
Partners: Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Lithuanian Photographers Association, VAA Doctoral Department.
Funded by: Lithuanian Council for Culture.