Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė: YGRG150: LE MUSÉE MENTEUR

Pompeii was discovered and with it was the museum, the circus, the antiquarian shop, the souvenir, and tourism, and so with them, the closet, the private box, the secret cabinet, the dark room, and the peephole.


Bed of sage. Saulius Leonavičius

How to simulate a state of disorientation, the one which sometimes occurs when I wake up not recognising where I am? Such anxious staring at the surroundings with the despair to remember could be called an authentic experience of that place. It lasts just for a few moments, but it is real because coordinate systems aren’t functioning at that moment – this is when specificity of a place is experienced.


Revising Landscape: Dovile Aleksaite, Sabrina Labis, Eri Qubo

We are constructing our reality in many different ways by keeping in mind the opposition between two big concepts – culture and nature.


siNbiozė: lab + studio

The international DIYbio meeting with a coded name “siNbiozė” is an attempt to realise the possibility of symbiosis of scientific and artistic practices. It is aimed at development and presentation of ideas, questioning the ability to visualise essential scientific information and approach such areas as genetic engineering and life–programming.


Open Call for Exhibitions/Events at Project space “Sodų 4”

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association is accepting proposals from artists and curators to be included in the programme of project space “Sodų 4” in 2018-2019. With around 10 exhibitions plus other events per year we are presenting local as well as international artists for Vilnius’ audience. Priority will be given to collaborative projects.


“Guotika” – an exhibition by Donatas Jankauskas (Duonis)

Project space “Sodų 4” is happy to present “Guotika” – a solo exhibition by Donatas Jankauskas (Duonis). The opening of this exhibition will take place in the evening of 8 September during Vilnius Gallery Weekend.


This September Vilnius Gallery Weekend will open up many galleries across the city

Contemporary art is back from holidays!

Gallery weekends have been happening across different cities in Europe and the World for decades now, usually taking place at the same time as first exhibition openings after summer, thus marking the beginning of the new season of arts in the city.


ProtoCells, an introduction. Biolaboratory with Brian Degger by Institutio media

“Protocells are “primordial molecular globules, situated in the environment through the laws of physics and connected through the language of chemistry.”*


ULTRA DINAMICA: Kelyje, Gana2, Arma Agharta

Ultra dinamica, a series of sound events presented by “Agharta”, is focussed on electronic and electro acoustic music, based on improvisation. Self-made electronics, vibrating acoustics, jerking strings, broken toys are just a few of the tools employed by the performers of this event series, inviting to delve into unique worlds of sound artists.

Project space “Sodų 4” invites to the second event of this series, introducing sound artists Laurens van der Wee (project “Kelyje”, Utrecht, the Netherlands), Antanas Dombrovskij (project “Gana 2”, Vilnius, Lithuania) and Armantas Gečiauskas (project “Arma Agharta”, Panevėžys, Lithuania).

„Kelyje“, http://kelyje.nl
“In spring 2011, we rented a furnished apartment at Savičiaus gatvė. The title of Jackas Kerouacas’s book, that I found there, seemed appropriate to describe my attitude towards my music. I have a soft spot for Vilnius and Lithuania in general, and I’m really happy to return to this city to play something new and completely different.”
Laurens van der Wee operates between harsh noise and good odour, combining all kinds of tech-involved music projects, ranging from improvised music (Galm Quartet) via electronics (Tjong Pow) to installation art (Zoodio) and from building apps (Close Call) to music for dance (27), with presenting handmade soap on Lithuanian ceramics (Werfzeep).

„Gana 2“, http://antanasdombrovskij.tumblr.com
Antanas Dombrovskij is a sound artist who creates edgy and unpredictable sound structures while manipulating samples and modified synthesizers. The result is somewhere between noise, glitch, drone and musique concrete. His performances are based on broken rhythms and with every passage you are facing fresh and unexpected soundscapes. Antanas Dombrovskij’s music requires concentration, only through active listening his musical chaos proceeds into the solid, well-thought and surprising sound avalanche. It is common for the sound artist to drift among various genres and concepts, playing many roles in experimental electronic music scene from solo project “Gana2” to joint projects “Betoniniai Triušiai”, “Tiese” and “Twentytwentyone” (source: www.mic.lt).

„Arma Agharta“, http://www.arma.lt
Arma Agharta is the sound performance artist and promoter from Lithuania devoted to improvised and experimental music. Since 2006 he has organized more than a 100 events in Lithuania and did more than 300 performances all around the world: from Brazil to Philippines, from Siberia to California, from Greenland to Moldova.
He has a versatile performing style which focuses on exploring the boundaries of sound and body, and his live shows mixes these two elements as well as surfs between a spontaneous farce and the performance with a ‘concentrated face expression.’ Electronic sound experiments are embroidered with noise, lo-fi, vintage synth music and heavy usage of vocals, which all becomes a part of ritualistic, weirdly performative action in which the artist embodies outer space creatures, armed with props recalling Soviet times (source: www.mic.lt).  

26 July 2017
9 pm, free entry

This event is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association with kind support by
Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, bar “Dėvėti”.

Project space “Sodų 4”
Sodų Str. 4, Vilnius


The Grand Opening: Albert Allgaier and José Oliveira

“Sodų 4” is happy to host The Grand Opening by artists Albert Allgaier and José Oliveira. Artists’ residency at project space “Sodų 4” in Vilnius will be followed by the presentation of their newly created collaborative project.

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