Presentation of Jurga Barilaitė’s book “BBB”

20 July 2021, 6 pm. a publication “BBB” by artist Jurga Barilaitė will be presented at cultural centre SODAS 2123.

Participants: artist Jurga Barilaitė, editor and poet Laima Kreivytė and Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science professor, researcher of visuality and film Natalija Arlauskaitė.


“Paraobjects” an exhibition by Simonas Nekrošius

Paraobjects: an exhibition by Simonas Nekrošius

“para… [in Greek: para — close to, near, from] is a first part of compound words that refers to being close to something, deviation from something, some sort of derangement.”

Paraobjects are expressions of imagination and interpretation, put in to form as individual and associative beings by the artist. They are shaping a narrative, that balances between normality and nonsense, reality and absurdity.


Žygimantas Kudirka and famous electronic music producer felicita present their hologram performance at “Atletika”

From 5 June an exhibition-performanceWho Are Youby well known interdisciplinary artists Žygimantas Kudirka and felicita will be shown at Atletika gallery (Vitebsko Str. 21, Vilnius). The performance will take place on 5 June and 1 July, while the exhibition will continue until 30 July. This event is part of Baltic Triennial 14: The Endless Frontier.



Lines and Wrinkles. Dreams of the Living and Delusions of the Dead. Jurga Barilaitė

From 16 April until 14 May an exhibition “Lines and Wrinkles. Dreams of the Living and Delusions of the Dead” by Jurga Barilaitė will be open for live viewing at „Atletika“ gallery. A virtual version of this exhibition was presented in the format of an online publication at the end of 2020. Together with visual and sound elements the exhibition will be complemented by a printed publication, available on site.





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