The Atletika Gallery presents the annual exhibition of bachelor’s thesis works of the FAMM Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts

Exhibition #FAMM.BA.2023 / The Pod at Atletika Gallery

On 30 May 2023, at 7 pm the group exhibition #FAMM.BA.2023 / The Pod opens at Atletika gallery. This is the exhibition of graduates of the Bachelor’s degree programme of the Department of Photography, Animation and Media Art of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Curator of the exhibition – LIAA member Milda Dainovskytė.


Training in designing educational activities with the association Creative Connections

Association “Creative Connections” together with LIAA invites members of our Association to participate in a training session on 6 and 13 June to discuss the possibilities of setting up an educational activity and to provide advice for those who want to start their own educational activity.


“Space in Sound | Sound in Space”, a workshop with Roberto Becerra

On May 17, 2023, at 18:00, we invite you to Entity cultural space, located at the SODAS 2123 cultural centre, where the creative workshop “Space in Sound | Sound in space” by Roberto Becerra will take place. This event is a part of “Blossom v1.2”.


We are looking for volunteers!

The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association is organising a team of summer volunteers to supervise the exhibitions at the Atletika Gallery and to assist with events at the cultural complex SODAS 2123.

If interested, please contact us by email – neda@letmekoo.lt


The documentation of presentation of “Bad dream” BY Inga Galinytė, WINNER OF LIAA 2022 PRIZE

On 29 April, during OPEN SODAS, the artist Inga Galinytė presented her performative installation “Bad Dream”.


The presentation of “Bad dream” BY Inga Galinytė, WINNER OF LIAA 2022 PRIZE

On 29 April, from 3 pm to 8 pm a presentation of the performative installation “Bad Dream” by artist Inga Galinytė will take place at the 3rd floor of the cultural centre SODAS 2123. The presentation will take place during the OPEN SODAS event.


TESTING DEMOCRACY THROUGH ART by Eglė Grėbliauskaitė and Agnė Gintalaitė


This open letter, addressed to the elected Mayor of Vilnius Valdas Benkunskas and the Deputy Director of Vilnius Municipality Administration, Adomas Bužinskas, expresses concerns related to the defense of democratic values in culture and arts in Vilnius. As one municipal administration term ends and a new one begins, the authors call for the municipality to take responsibility for their actions, apologize to the public for misleading and disrespecting the arts and culture community, and treat the letter as an opportunity for the new officials to start their term with a new quality and positive attitude.



On 29 April, we are opening the doors of the cultural complex SODAS 2123 again! This time it’s all about MUSIC. On the last weekend of April, LIAA members Aistė Laisvė Viršulytė, Vitalij Červiakov, Volungė, Bon Alog will open their studios; A tour of the exhibition “Loose Tails” by artist, LIAA member Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė will take place in the “Atletika” gallery and artist, LIAA member Inga Galinytė will present a performative installation “Bad Dream”.


Inherited Games. Open Call to LIAA members

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LIAA) together with Aleknaičiai Culture and Education Space (Akee), invites LIAA members to submit ideas for a 4-day day camp programme with school children.


Support for LIAA

We invite you to support our activities with up to 1.2% of income tax. The support will be used to carry out artistic projects (exhibitions, performances, residencies, other events) and to support artists.

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