“Tag the author win the artwork” competition

LIAA together with Vilnius Gallery Weekend organise a “Tag the author win the artwork” competition and invites art gallery visitors to take part in a game the prize of which is a work of art.
Gallery visitors are invited to tag artists in their Instagram posts – in the photos of artworks for a chance to win one of three prizes – artworks.
The competition runs from 07/09/2023 to 15/10/2023.



Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian.



The crunching leaves underfoot and the darkening evenings tentatively invite us to bid farewell to September in flight. And to prevent the melancholy of autumn from clouding our mood, we open SODAS 2123 to wide inspirations, experiences and discoveries.

29 September. OPEN SODAS will focus on architecture.


Mind Readers. Guided Tours with Curator Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė

Throughout the months of September – October, Atletika gallery invites everyone to guided tours with Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė, the curator of the current exhibition Mind Readers at Atletika gallery. The tours will take place on 15 September, 6 pm. (in Lithuanian), 29 September, 6 pm. (in English), 12 October, 6 pm. (in Lithuanian). Artists presented at the exhibition are Anton Karyuk, George Finlay Ramsay, Ieva Rižė, Jogintas Čepulis, Marija Šnipaitė and Sophie Durand, exhibition architecture by Algirdas Jakas.


Exhibition “Path to the Dream” by an artist Vilma Pleškutė at “Alt lab” laboratory

On Saturday, 26 August, at 6 p.m., the “Alt lab” laboratory, located in cultural centre SODAS 2123, will host an opening of the exhibition “Path to the Dream” by an artist Vilma Pleškutė.


A smoke sculpture-performance by Dainius Liškevičius in Petras Cvirka Square

On September 9th, 2023, at 4:00 p.m., at the Petras Cvirka Square in Vilnius, at the site of the former monument, artist Dainius Liškevičius will perform a smoke sculpture-performance A One-Minute Portrait of George Maciunas Saying CIAO! This event is part of the Vilnius Gallery Weekend programme.


Vilnius Gallery Weekend Announces Golden Ages

Golden Ages. This is the perspective that Vilnius Gallery Weekend, the first event of the autumn gallery and exhibition season, takes on the capital’s art field this year – a special year, marking Vilnius’s 700th anniversary. The organisers of the eighth edition of the art festival will invite visitors to reflect on what we remember and what we relegate to the margins, and to explore the kinds of golden ages that individuals and communities dream of. 



New LIAA members

We are happy to see that the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association is actively growing! Saskia Fischer, Rokas Pralgauskas, Rokas Janušonis, Greta Eimulytė, Diana Remeikytė, Dainius Trumpis, Algirdas Jakas have recently joined us.


Glossary for the Wild Tongues: Performative reading and publication launch with Valerie Tee Lee & Emma Bang

Atletika gallery is pleased to invite to the launch event of the publication Glossary for the Wild Tongues by Valerie Tee Lee and Emma Bang, taking place on Saturday 29 July 2023, 4 pm, on the last day of their same-titled exhibition at Atletika gallery. The event will feature performative reading of the publication extracts by the artists.

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