Gallery “Atletika” is open to exhibition and project proposals from artists and curators for 2021 and beyond. Please email your ideas with examples of work and your portfolio in a single pdf file by 1 August 2020. We are looking for flexible formats, non-dependent on physical implementation of ideas.



A Relation To Infinity

April 2020

Dear Han,

It’s been about a year since I wrote you, and three months since we saw each other in Saigon. My grandpa was in the hospital then in critical condition, on the verge of crossing over. The idea of leaving the planet , or the planet leaving you , was constantly on my mind. Sometimes I would look up and imagine the sky emptying, clouds breaking in crumbs. One such morning, as my aunt was driving us back from breakfast on her motorbike, we stopped by a family-run photography business. She was picking up an order she placed, digital prints of my grandpa for his ancestral altar. A pre-emptive errand. She slipped the photos into a bag and through the plastic’s sheer crinkles I looked at him. Tones pinked, lines softened. He looked spotless and innocent. An apparition against the white background, the photo like an angel’s passport.


Exhibition #FAMM.MA2020.doc

Eight MA students from Photography and Media Art Department of Vilnius Academy of Art are inviting to an opening of their exhibition, which will take place on 25 June at 6 pm, and during which artists will be playing their vinyls (Local Girls).


Exhibition #FAMM.BA2020:We Have Discovered a Secret


In this BA degree show at “Atletika” gallery 15 young artists present their positions arranged over extended fields of animation, photography, media art and contemporary art. They are all graduating from Vilnius Academy of Arts Photography and Media Art Department and publicly presenting their final projects on this occasion.


Hopes & Slopes. Exhibition

If one stares at the wall for a long time, the wall starts to move. To crave, to wag its tail, to drop its leaves or to sough, to growl, to tick, to show filtered faces,
to filter via Internet,
until it leaves one in solitude after bursting,
in front of a Facebook wall, where Zoom links ripple.
I get lost.

Exhibition opening 2 June 2020, 6 pm
Sound by Samopal System DJs and sold candy


LTMKS komanda ieško pastiprinimo!

Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjunga (LTMKS), šiuo metu vystanti tokius projektus kaip „Sodas 2123“, Vilniaus galerijų savaitgalis, „Atletika“, kviečia prie komandos prisijungti administratorių (-ę) / koordinatorių (-ę), kurį (-ią) domina šiuolaikinio meno procesai ir jo kasdienybė. Siūlome kartu su mumis įsitraukti aplinką, kurioje nuolat bendrausite su įvairiausiais šiuolaikinio meno ir kultūros lauko veikėjais ir kursite naujas galimybes jiems, sau patiems bei plačioms kultūra besidominčioms auditorijoms. 



Mindaugas Gapševičius will present his work in a group exhibition at Galerie Eigenheim Berlin


Artist Mindaugas Gapševičius will present a new version of his work “Ultra-Low-Voltage Survival Kit” in a group exhibition Edition #4 – Bauhaus100 at Galerie Eigenheim Berlin, Germany.



Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association invites artists and curators to join

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LeTMeKoo), established as a non-governmental public organisation in 1997, is an artist-run organisation that unites more than 120 members. It organizes and produces exhibitions (“Atletika” space), events, and residencies, publishes various publications and represents artists in various socio-political situations. Since 2019 it is running a cultural centre “Sodas 2123” (Vitebsko Str. Vilnius, Lithuania).


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