Ultra dinamica: Kelyje, Gana2, Arma Agharta

Author: Samanta Matuizaitė

26 July at the project space “Sodų 4” “Agharta” presented the second series of sound events called “Ultra dinamica”. Sound artists Laurens van der Wee (project “Kelyje”, Utrecht, the Netherlands), Antanas Dombrovskij (project “Gana 2”, Vilnius, Lithuania) and Armantas Gečiauskas (project “Arma Agharta”, Panevėžys, Lithuania) were introduced.

Image / Samanta Matuizaitė


ULTRA DINAMICA: Kelyje, Gana2, Arma Agharta

Ultra dinamica, a series of sound events presented by “Agharta”, is focussed on electronic and electro acoustic music, based on improvisation. Self-made electronics, vibrating acoustics, jerking strings, broken toys are just a few of the tools employed by the performers of this event series, inviting to delve into unique worlds of sound artists.