In the Graveyards of Interdisciplinarity (?)

Curators of the project: Danutė Gambickaitė, Gintarė Matulaitytė

When interdisciplinarity comes across as a given, there seems to be little need for new definitions. Many an artist of the young generation have long since ceased using the word “interdisciplinarity” when discussing their own work. They make no attempt to revisit the concept or reinvigorate it in any other way. Still, the concept does come up in contemporary art, albeit in a somewhat odd manner. One often encounters a peculiar concept of interdisciplinarity – or a conceptual bubble – which is self-contained and can serve as a safe format.

The artists in the exhibition were invited to attend a talk with the concept and/or the curator. The topic for this talk is the role of interdisciplinarity in the context of contemporary art and their own oeuvre. Online catalogue here.



LTMKS exhibition “In the Graveyards of Interdisciplinarity” in the spaces of JMVAC and Vilnius Gates


Wherever there is fresh vivacity, it naturally finds its gender of expression (Vydūnas, “Consciousness”)

One might get the impression that interdisciplinarity as a concept is not very relevant in discussing processes in contemporary art. Only occasionally does it make a ghost-like appearance here and there. Interdisciplinarity is hardly ever invoked in either critical essays on contemporary art or artists’ own position statements.