Marija Šnipaitė exhibition „Apsistojimas“ at Marcinkonys train station gallery


September 4, 1 p.m. an opening of an exhibition “Apsistojimas” by an artist, LIAA member Marija Šnipatė will take place at Marcinkonys train station gallery (Kastinio st. 1, Marcinkonys).

In the works exhibited in the Marcinkoniai Station Gallery, Marija Šnipaitė talks about stopping as a pause in the journey. Here, a stop becomes not only a physical settling in a certain place, but also a measure of indefinite time, a circumstance and a feeling. The author translates fragments of the travel “routine” and momentary observations into spatial structures, where landscape elements are transformed into geometric forms and abstract objects take on a corporeal shape. The exhibition reveals Marija Šnipaitė’s associative thinking, relying on both personal and co-cultural experience, attention to materiality, and the feelings of time and space conveyed through sculptural language. The artist is constantly testing the limits of sculpture, combining various materials and found objects, reconstructing space. By combining these elements, Marija Šnipaitė creates a contemplative, somewhat dreamlike atmosphere in the exhibition “Stay”, where the viewer is encouraged to stop and evaluate his or her role in the journey experienced in the present time.

Marija Šnipaitė (1988) is a young generation artist, who graduated in sculpture from Vilnius Academy of Arts, and had an internship at Stuttgart Academy of Arts, Germany. Since 2016 she has been a member of the Lithuanian Union of Interdisciplinary Artists. Since 2011 she has been participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, presenting her sculptures in public space. In 2014 and 2019 she was awarded an individual scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania for art and culture creators.

The gallery organising the exhibition (AV17) is based in Vilnius and has been an active contemporary art space for eleven years. It is one of the few galleries in Lithuania presenting exclusively contemporary object, sculpture and installation art. In addition to its regular exhibition activities, the gallery implements various international and regional artistic and educational projects, runs exchange programmes with foreign and Lithuanian artists, thus promoting the dissemination of contemporary art in our country and Europe.

The project is partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Marija Šnipaitė’s exhibition “Apsistojimas” is on view at the Marcinkoniai Station Gallery, Kastinio str. 1 C, until 2 October.

The exhibition can be visited on Saturdays – Sundays, 12.00-17.00.