New LIAA members


We are happy to see that every year the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association grows! Arnis Aleinikovas, Birutė Lemke, Donata Minderytė, Dovilė Bagdonaitė, Gintautas Gascevičius, Julija Pociūtė, Žygimantas Augustinas, Austėja Masliukaitė, Ieva Gražytė, Barbora Matonytė – Kesminienė, Deinora Rudėnaitė, and Liudvikas Kesminas have joined us this year.

More about them individually:

Arnis Aleinikovas – also known as SINUO (translated from Latin as “sinus” meaning wind or curve), is a young lithuanian artist active in the fields of contemporary performance, alternative theatre, electronic music, and writing. Arnis received his MFA from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 2022 and has worked in a number of foreign theatres and interdisciplinary arts organizations. Since 2020, his work has been presented at the prestigious contemporary art festival Documenta fifteen in Kassel, Germany, at the Baltic Contemporary Art Festival Volume Up in New York, at DISK Theatre in Prague, at Recompose Studio in Prague, at the Slovak Contemporary Theatre Festival “Žilina”, and others. His poetry has been published in both German and Lithuanian in the Munich Culture Magazine.

Birutė Lemke – lives and works in Vilnius. She graduated from the Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics (BA) and Vilnius Academy of Arts, Painting department (MA). In 2021 she had an internship in Prague Academy of Arts. Participates in the exhibitions since 2010. In her artworks she is merging different experiences as well as media types.

Donata Minderytė – Lives and works in Vilnius and New York. Graduated in painting from Vilnius Academy of Arts, since 2016 she has been studying in the Doctor of Fine Arts programme there.

Gintautas Gascevičius – performer, drum and percussion master, composer. Today, Gintautas is a participant of many musical projects, author of soundtracks for performances, creating without standards and constantly surprising listeners with unexpected conceptualizations of percussion, vocals, and images.

Julija Pociūtė – is an interdisciplinary artist who combines video art, sculpture, design elements and photography in her work. By combining different materials, the artist invites the viewer to rethink the fundamental principles of the environment, such as reality and illusion, through her experience. In her artistic practice, she focuses on the dualistic and temporary nature of the human being, questioning the influence of memory on the present. She is interested in historical memory as a system of fixing reality in which illusion becomes its opposite.

Žygimantas Augustinas – To intervene in the discourse by thickening it, to convey contradictions with paradox, to reduce the narrative to an expectation, to swap contexts – these are the strategic attitudes of Žygimantas Augustinas’s research-based work. Composed of thematic projects of long duration, the artist’s work rethinks and disrupts the discourses of the past, treating history as scarcity and hope, while at the same time questioning and harnessing the power of the image. The artist’s work deconstructs the tradition of art, engaging the viewer in a polylogue with art, society and the self, and conceptually expanding public and private collections.
– Art critic Prof. Dr. Giedrė Mickūnaitė

Austėja Masliukaitė –  is a Vilnius-based interdisciplinary artist working with sound, her voice, sculpture, photography, video and watercolour. She studied mathematics and chemistry, photography and media arts, semiotics. Alumna of the Rupert Alternative Education Programme. Participates in group exhibitions, solo exhibition XX,XO at Lukiškės Prison 2.0 (2022). Explores the possibilities and limitations of modern femininity.

Ieva Gražytė – is a digital culture researcher who uses the artist’s text and the curatorial text as a strategy of self-production. Utilising different forms of writing as methodologies of creative practice, she uses text as a medium in the field of visual arts, and combines the process of collecting text with others. She bases her speculative artistic research on socio-economic and socio-political indicators, navigating the relationship between people and technology, possible future scenarios and algorithmic culture.

Barbora Matonytė – is a young generation artist whose field of creative activity is best described as a search for various sculptural expressions in an expanded field, space and experiential plane. Her work in the interdisciplinary medium is clearly distinguished by two basic fields, i.e. the discourses of visual art installations and sound art (soundwork), and the possibilities of combining them.

Deinora Rudėnaitė – is an interdisciplinary artist and photographer. She graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2021. In 2022 she continued her studies at Vilnius University. She has continued to work actively, experimenting with coordinating/curating exhibitions. Rudėnaitė’s work is characterised by the concept of contingency. Her work explores the relationship between the human being and the intangible, as well as the self. Elements that make up her work are everyday practices, rituals, augmented reality and motifs from myths, legends and fairy tales.  Her works are shape-shifting, intangible, and the viewer can interact with them, participate in them, change them, feel them.

Liudvikas Kesminas – is a representative of contemporary art, and in his creative practice he often chooses the methodology of spatial installation, site-specific work or synthesis of different media. His works intertwine various interactions, such as the integrity between the viewer and the artwork, the possibilities of reusing the object and space, and the application of the rules of video games to life. All these become the author’s creative strategies in the field of visual contemporary art.

Dovilė Bagdonaitė