VGW program: Guided tours of art spaces


Guided tours give a brief overview of Vilnius galleries and their exhibitions. During the tours, you will get to know the authors, curators and activities of the galleries. The number of participants is limited (20 people) and pre-registration is required: here

1. “Ages of Exploration: Gallery “Vartai” – Drifts – Exhibition Hall Titanikas – The Rooster Gallery”.
Start: Outside the entrance to the Vartai Gallery building, Vilniaus str. 39. Registration: soon.
Guide: Eglė Agnė

What are the creative explorations reflected in the work of young artists – painters, designers and textile artists? What are the perspectives of different media and traditional craftsmanship? What are gallerists looking for in young artists’ work? How do galleries contribute to the development of their talent? These questions link the exhibitions in four different art spaces, which mainly feature the work of the younger generation.

2. “Ages of Space: Arka Gallery – CAC Reading Room – the gallery of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre “Kairė – dešinė” – Pamėnkalnis Gallery”.
Start: Outside the entrance to the “Arka” gallery Aušros Vartų str. 7. Registration: soon.
Guide: Saulė

Is the change of seasons reflected in our homes? Does the gallery space change the perception of an artwork? How can we transform and rethink the architecture of the home, gallery or city? Experience space differently? The four galleries present as many as five exhibitions exploring questions of memory and inclusive space, created through the interconnectedness of different media and objects.

3. “Ages of Myth and Reality: the Project Space Editorial – LAA Contemporary Culture and Art Space Medūza – VAA Textile Gallery ARTIFEX – Gallery (AV17)”
Start: Outside the entrance of “Editorial”, Latako str. 3. Registration: soon.
Guide: Elžbieta

What will be the mythology of our future? Can mystical experiences, artificial intelligence and alternative ways of knowing counter the prevailing ideologies of power? Does today’s mood leave room for tomorrow’s optimism? The four exhibitions in the chamber spaces explore the threads of mysticism, mixed reality and memory that are particularly relevant today.

This event is part of the curated Vilnius Gallery Weekend programme.

Photo: Milda Lembertaitė, Leela Game, 2021.