Living Ornament

Atletika Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its spring exhibition, Living Ornament.

‘Candles, cushions and vases do really well in times when money is tight’. As Emily Gordon-Smith (head of fashion at the consultancy Stylus) observed, the legacy of the 2008 financial crisis can be felt in the boom in affordable homeware products in shops like H&M Home, Zara Home etc. Gordon-Smith was also making a point about how ornament and decoration are not only symptoms of changing social, cultural and economic relations but also the agents used to negotiate and reconfigure them. From this perspective, the exhibition Living Ornament takes decorating and ornament seriously, asking why they have been and continue to be simultaneously dismissed as frivolous and condemned as dangerous.


Laurynas Skeisgiela: Mažo miestelio mirties melodijos

Atvykstame temstant. Įsijungiame infraredinį šildytuvą ir plėvele užklijuojame būsimų durų angą. Anksčiau čia veikė kepykla. Pirmajame jos aukšte persipynę sudegusio cukraus ir pelėsio kvapai. Slidinėdami ant blizgančio, nevalytų riebalų paviršiaus tiesiame laidus. Čia bus koncertų salė. Limpančių prailgintuvų mazgas nutiestas laiptais aukštyn jungia dar keturias projekcijas. Dėl tvyrančio šalčio bei laiko stokos viską nešame sujungę kartu. Aštriais spinduliais pulsuojantis koridorius kupinas šviesos pluošte skraidančių dulkių, galimybių ir svetimų sapnų.


Out Of Bounds. Exhibition “Situation which Resists Completion” closing performance

“Out Of Bounds” is a closing performance to mark the end of the exhibition “Situation Which Resists Completion”. The performance will be presented by “Technologies of non/self” together with Mėta Gabrielė Pelegrimaitė and Kristupas Gikas.


Atkirtis kompromisui. Roberto Narkaus performansas

Esame visuomenė, kurioje gebėjimas susitarti yra labai vertinamas, nors dažnai tai veda į status quo, štilį, galios pusiausvyrą, tereiškiančią progresyviai augančią politinę įtampą, klimato kaitą, socialinę neteisybę.


CYBER-ATHLETE. One Video Piece Exhibition by Vitalij Červiakov and Danutė Gambickaitė

Film “Cyber-Athlete“ reconsiders the concepts of cyber-athletics and e-sports. How is computer game culture and virtuality altering human body? What are the new features of a (cyber) athletic body? How are they developed? How are they influencing the notion of athletic body and sex. Where else could such cyber-athletic body be used? And, finally, how do our bodies and consciousness manage to synchronise with computer game technology?


A Situation Which Resists Completion

How is it that the present fails to keep up with the presence of the past, not perceiving its living. In such moments, where our perception is clouded by dullness, a ghost of the past appears in disguise, thereby inducing a misreading of a situation at hand. It is in this manner that the future shies away from happening. The frustration lies at a miscarriage of the past. This <<historical miscarriage>> turns into a vehicle for the demolishment of a possible authentic history. Thus, giving birth to newly misshapen forms of an invisible history, which in parallel, runs the risk of appearing as a crooked present ‘reality.’ 


Installation Waterproof Heart by artist Ignas Pavliukevičius at Atletika

From mid November installation Waterproof Heart by artist Ignas Pavliukevičius will be on view at Atletika Gallery (Vitebsko 21, Vilnius). This work was recently presented at independent contemporary art fair The Others in Turin. [:en]


Atletika Gallery will present work by Ignas Pavliukevičius at The Others independent art fair in Turin

31 October – 3 November ninth edition of contemporary art fair The Others will take place in Turin, where Atletika Gallery will present an installation Waterproof Heart by artist Ignas Pavliukevičius.


Open Call for Exhibition and Project Proposals for Atletika 2020 Programme

New art space in Vilnius – Atletika Gallery – is open to exhibition and project ideas from artists and curators for 2020 and beyond. Please email your proposals including examples of work in a single pdf file by 25 September 2019.

“Atletika” is a new contemporary art space at the newly opening cultural centre Sodas 2123. It presents emerging and acclaimed artists from Lithuania and abroad. Its exhibition programme is open to experimentation, exploration of new processes in art and ideas of various directions.

Photo: Gintarė Grigėnaitė



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