Atletika gallery is inviting to apply to an exhibition oriented residency in Vilnius at cultural centre SODAS 2123

Atletika gallery is inviting artists from Nordic and Baltic countries to an exhibition oriented residency in Vilnius at cultural centre SODAS 2123. The residency is foreseen to take place in September – October 2022 with an exhibition opening at the start of the second month of the residency at the Atletika gallery.



Artists, art students and dancers (priority will be given to Ukranians who have found refuge in Lithuania) are invited to apply to take part in a series of artistic movement performances in the framework of Tom Lovelace’s exhibition at “Atletika” gallery, Vilnius in June 30 – July 28, 2022.


Exhibition of the duo of Algirdas Jakas and Eglė Ruibytė “Hermit Crab” curated by Milda Dainovskytė

In order to survive, the fragile exoskeleton animal must find shelter in the shells of other organisms or objects. The hermit crawls about in search of a hiding-place. The quest is competitive, so it may have to settle in old mussel shells or even rubbish that has long since sunk to the very bottom of the ocean; the aim is nothing but to protect its brittle body.


An installation event and a sound performance “Gathering” by Agnė Juodvalkytė, Philippe Gerlach, and Brian Pyle

We would like to invite you to attend an installation event and a sound performance “Gathering” by visual artists Agnė Juodvalkytė and Philippe Gerlach and sound composer Brian Pyle (Junk DNA) in Atletika gallery on October 21st at 7 pm.
The installation by Agnė Juodvalkytė and Philippe Gerlach will be on view till October 26th. October 26th 6 pm there will be a conversation around the works by the artists together with curator Monika Lipšic.

This event is part of their residence at Sodas2123 programme.

Agnė Juodvalkytė is a visual artist currently living in Berlin and Vilnius. Her practise is focused on textiles and abstract painting mostly. She received a BA in Painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (2010) and studied Visual Arts and Cinematography in Spain at the Universidad de Castilla La Mancha (UCLM, Facultad de Bellas Artes de Cuenca) (2009). Her recent shows include ANSKA at the Blake & Vargas gallery in Berlin; group show Audra at the Pamario gallery in Juodkrantė, Lithuania, Cosmic Thread at the Enter Art Space (Aarhus, Denmark); Terpė at AV17 gallery in Vilnius (2020).
Agnė Juodvalkytė uses textiles as a framework to understand culture, history and technology. She works with different materials, such as clothes, textiles, natural pigments, graphite dust, fabrics made by her grandmother, plants, and incorporates various mediums. Often presented in an anthropomorphic way, her works breathe their past into the present, becoming multidimensional artefacts extending not only into space but also into time.
Phillipe Gerlach is a visual artist and photographer whose work and influences stem from the personal and autobiographical. Born in Grenoble, France he grew up in France, Canada and Bavaria. After graduating Kunstuniversität Linz in Austria in 2008, he moved to London to assist artist Nick Waplington. Then, dfter living in Paris he moved to Berlin in 2011, where he now lives and works.
In trying to merge his personal life with his artistic practice, Philippe Gerlach creates longterm portrait series of friends, lovers and acquaintances that are instilled with sentiments of intimacy and immediacy. Incorporating digital and analog photographic techniques, his wall installations are less focused on the single image, but on building a mesh that connects recent memories to older ones. Frequently these networks are enforced through nods to subculture and music.Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique/Junk DNA) is an American sound composer, currently residing in Vilnius.

Gallery working hours:
Oct. 21, 4 – 9 pm
Oct. 22, 4 – 7 pm
Oct. 23, 1 – 5 pm
Meeting with artists and curator: Tuesday, Oct. 26, 6 pm
This event is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture aswell as Vilnius City Council


Lines and Wrinkles. Dreams of the Living and Delusions of the Dead. Jurga Barilaitė

From 16 April until 14 May an exhibition “Lines and Wrinkles. Dreams of the Living and Delusions of the Dead” by Jurga Barilaitė will be open for live viewing at „Atletika“ gallery. A virtual version of this exhibition was presented in the format of an online publication at the end of 2020. Together with visual and sound elements the exhibition will be complemented by a printed publication, available on site.


Neatpažintas skraidantis objektas: Antano Gerliko skulptūrinė instaliacija „SODAS 2123“ komplekse

„SODAS 2123“ kultūros komplekse nusileido NSO. Nepaisant nežemiškos kilmės požymių, iš tiesų tamsų diską sukūrė menininkas Antanas Gerlikas, „nutupdęs“ porą šių erdvėlaivių Vilniuje ir gimtojoje Plungėje. Nematyti jokio liuko, pro kurį galėtų išlipti ateiviai. Nėra ir langų, antenų, butaforinių paviršiaus detalių – iš mokslinės fantastikos filmų pažįstamų technologinį sudėtingumą imituojančių pasikartojančių geometrinių formų.


Tomorrow Is Always Too Long – a film by Phil Collins will be screened online in the Room of Perspectives

From 24th December 2020 to 6th  January 2021 Atletika gallery and curator Monika Lipšic are inviting everyone to a virtual screening of a film Tomorrow Is Always Too Long by Phil Collins to be shown in the Room of Perspectives online.


Lines and Wrinkles (Dreams of the Living and Delusions of the Dead). Jurga Barilaitė

 From 23 December 2020 “Atletika” gallery and artist Jurga Barilaitė invite to wander the routes of the exhibition “Lines and Wrinkles” and to follow its links in a digital publication. This publication, created by Barilaitė together with designer Gaile Pranckūnaitė, is presented as a “pdf” document – an introduction to a live presentation of an exhibition.


Films by Morgan Quaintance, Amar Kanwar and Ieva Kotryna Skirmantaitė will be shown in the first part of “Room of Perspectives” at Atletika

Curator Monika Lipšic together with architect Vladas Suncovas has created a “Room of Perspectives” to be presented during Vilnius Gallery Weekend 22–25 October 2020 for the first time. Films by artists Morgan Quaintance, Amar Kanwar and Ieva Kotryna Skirmantaitė will be shown in ts first screening programme at galery “Atletika” (Vitebsko 21, Vilnius). The films will be looped daily 5–7 pm. This programme will be once again presented at “Atletika” in mid November.


Vilnius Gallery Weekend is starting: 34 art spaces, exhibition in an observatory and relevant discussions

On October 22, Thursday, the 5th Vilnius Gallery Weekend will begin in the Lithuanian capital. Over the four days of exhibition tours the viewers are welcome to experience the diversity of Vilnius’ art spaces, visit the exhibitions currently on show, and meet the artists. The organisers of the event suggest starting the route in the old observatory of Vilnius University, where the art field’s imaginary acquires an experimental architectural interpretation.

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