Open Studios 3: Marija Baranauskaitė and Christophe Beaucourt


Studio open everyday between 7-9 p. m.

Open Studios results and performance on 4th August, 2015 7 p. m.

For two weeks Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Union’s project space’s Malonioji 6 physical and mental space will be occupied by performance art and cinema, reality and fiction. Will Marija Baranauskaitė, who searches for optimism, love and inner values in her performative work manage to get along with Christophe Beaucourt who is in the process of making film noir style movie?

Addicted to music and cinema, since 2010 Christophe Beaucourt is working on an ambitious feature movie project. During Open studios he is going to focus on movie’s storyboard and soundtrack while Marija Baranauskaitė aims to fulfill third part of the performance cycle My Heart Will Go On and On.

Marija Baranauskaitė (born in 1990) is an multidisciplinary contemporary artist who graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater in 2013, where she studied for BA in acting and contemporary dance. During the studies and after it she was improving her wide range of background of different dance, theater, clowning and performance techniques. Since 2012 working as a doctor clown in International Red Noses organization. At the moment together with a curator Giedrė Malūkaitė (g. 1990) she is preparing for the debut of their project Thanks God I’m not an Artist, which is mentored by Marten Spangberg.

Christophe Beaucourt (born in 1973) has been created fixed and animated images since 1997. His works may be considered as gonzo journalism as he truly assumes the subjectivity of his motion pictures and photography artwork. His skateboard & punk roots makes him observe our times through an alternative vision. Influenced by Jean Baudrillard, Hunter Thompson, William Klein, Robert Capa and Glen E. Friedman, to name just a few, he works between experimental documentaries, fiction projects, music videos, live show pictures and street photography through his travelling way of life.

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“Open Studios – Open Process” is a project aiming to encourage the cooperation between artists, engaging in conversations through artistic practices while also opening the doors of artistic studios for the audience involvement into creative process and the dialogue. For acknowledged artists this project is an opportunity to implement their ideas beyond their traditional studio space, while for the young artists this is an opportunity to show their work to public.

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This project is partially supported by Lithuanian Council For Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

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