Arturas Bumšteinas: Lyrica

Pregabalin, Acetylsalicylate, Zolpidem tartras, Doxycyclinum, Escitalopramum, Alprazolam, Diosmectitum, Dextromethorphani hydrobromidum etc…


Publication Launch “Verpėjos”

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Self-Repair Lab. Photo: Brigita Kasperaite


Machine, I, and Feedback Loops

(LT) Machine, I, and Feedback Loops

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For the second time, Vilnius Gallery Weekend’s satellite exhibition “DEPAS / DEPOT” invites you to visit the XIXth
century locomotive repair department as well as a suite – formerly tsar’s appartment – on the 2nd floor of Lentvaris railway
station. On the 8th and 9th of September six artists will be presenting works that were created or adapted particularly for
these places.


The 3 rd Vilnius Gallery Weekend invites you to turn up the contemporary art’s volume

Vilnius Gallery Weekend launches a new contemporary art exhibition season in the
capital city this fall. The events – new exhibitions openings, meetings with artists,
concerts and discussions – will be happening around town as well as on its outskirts
from the 6 th to the 9 th of September in overall 27 different galleries and other artistic


LTMKS soundwalks, performances and workshops’ project with Lithuanian Composers’ Union starts with Gintas K, vj juodo & Simon Whetham (UK)

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and Lithuanian Composers’ Union are inviting to a series of events, introducing Vilnius’ audiences to new sonic experiences via curated soundwalks, workshops and sound performances.


This September Vilnius Gallery Weekend will open up many galleries across the city

Contemporary art is back from holidays!

Gallery weekends have been happening across different cities in Europe and the World for decades now, usually taking place at the same time as first exhibition openings after summer, thus marking the beginning of the new season of arts in the city.


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