Vilnius Gallery Weekend Announces Golden Ages

Golden Ages. This is the perspective that Vilnius Gallery Weekend, the first event of the autumn gallery and exhibition season, takes on the capital’s art field this year – a special year, marking Vilnius’s 700th anniversary. The organisers of the eighth edition of the art festival will invite visitors to reflect on what we remember and what we relegate to the margins, and to explore the kinds of golden ages that individuals and communities dream of. 



Performance art workshop „dialogical body“ at the cultural space Entity

On July 22, 2023, at 14:00, we invite you to Entity cultural space, located at the SODAS 2123 cultural centre, where the performance art workshop “Dialogical body” by Daina Pupkeviciute will take place.



On Thursday, 20 July at 6 p.m., we invite you to visit artists’ studios, listen to live music and take part in the SODAS 2123 picnic! This time the theme of OPEN SODAS is Food.
LIAA members Joana Kairienė and Aušra Griškonytė – Volunge will invite you to visit their studios, there will be a presentation of the audio play “Audiokaukas” by LIAA member Arturas Bumšteinas.


SODAS 2123 participates in the conference of the Trans Europe Halles network of cultural centres in Leipzig 

From 8 to 11 June 2023, the SODAS 2123 team is taking part in the “Traditions and Transitions” conference of the Trans Europe Halles (TEH) network of cultural centres, which is being held in Leipzig, Germany, hosted by Moritzbastei and Halle 14 cultural centres.



Once again we’re inviting you to OPEN SODAS, an event that has already become a tradition, where the doors of the creators of the cultural complex SODAS 2123 open wide to visitors, new acquaintances and unexpected discoveries. This time LIAA members Aistė Laisvė Viršulytė, Gabrielė Gervickaitė and Aušra Griškonytė – Volungė will invite for a visit! Alt Lab will host a workshop “Unlearning The Energy” and the the group exhibition “#FAMM.BA.2023 / The Pod” of the graduates of the Bachelor’s degree programme of the Department of Photography, Animation and Media Art of the Vilnius Academy of Arts., curated by LIAA member Milda Dainovskytė, will be open to visit.

The theme of the June OPEN SODAS is design!


“Unlearning The Energy” workshop at Alt lab

8 June, 7.30-9 p.m. the workshop “Unlearning The Energy” will take place at the Alt Lab space in the cultural centre SODAS 2123 (duration 1,5 hours).

Augusta Levickaitė, Eglė Agnė Benkunskytė and Tata Frenkel invite to come and learn about scientific concepts such as potential energy, electromagnetic induction, calories, Faraday cage, etc., through practical magic and one great story, which will be told by the three workshop leaders.


Aistė Laisvė Viršulytė, Volunge, will open their studios during OPEN SODAS event. A screening of Emilia Škarnulytė’s film “Burial” will take place

Vilnius is most beautiful in spring. As well as the most photogenic.

That’s why SODAS 2123, a cultural complex located on the picturesque Rasų Hill, invites you to take a look around and opens its doors wide. This time, the topic of the OPEN SODAS events programme is PHOTOGRAPHY.


Vilma Šileikienė, Vygandas Šimbelis, Inga Raubaitė take part in the exhibition MEDIARAMOS at Atletika gallery

On 3rd of March, 6 pm, we invite you to the opening of the MEDIARAMOS exhibition and “Three Decades of the Moving Image: a Retrospective of Video Collections 1996-2023” at the gallery “Atletika” and FAMM space “Entity” in the cultural complex “SODAS 2123”!
During the exhibition opening you’ll see a collaborative audiovisual project by Vygandas Šimbels (Das Vegas) and Vytautas Juozėnas “RGB Poetics”


DURING OPEN SODAS EVENT Aistė Laisvė Viršulytė, Aušra Griškonytė – Volungė and Jelena Škulienė with Dileta Deikė will invite for a visit

Celebrating the 700th anniversary of Vilnius, the SODAS 2123 cultural complex opens its doors and kindly invites you to participate in the OPEN SODAS program. This time, the thematic axis of the event is CITY.
January 26 5:00 p.m. SODAS 2123 residents will be waiting for you in their studios, guide Albertas Kazlauskas will take you for a walk around Rasos, and in the evening, after the opening of the group exhibition “Weather Forcast” in the “Atletika” gallery, we will meet for Eitvydas Doškus’ film “Čia buvo Vilnius”.

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